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Tumblr ad-posts tumbling onto smartphones – TGT, ADDYY, LGF, CDI & FB


Northern, WI 03/06/2013 (noesisstar) – The six-year-old blog Tumblr is moving from strength to strength. Months ago the blogging site began accepting payments from advertisers looking to place their ads more prominently and the company is now looking forward to making its very first annual profit after it extended this functionality to smartphones.  For the first half of the year, it will be possible for companies to promote their blogs and posts to wider audiences via the mobile application that Tumblr has launched. Derek Gottfrid the company Vice President said that this works in much the same fashion that its web version works.

Thematic approach

He said that the product has already been tested internally and that that they now look forward to advertisers signing up for the smartphone debut. The number of people now using the Tumblr mobile product has increased four times over and is catching up with the number of people who use the web version. This indicates that the pace of the project needs to be hastened. David Carp, the Tumblr CEO feels that typical online display is too restricting and is confident that making customers pay to give their ads prominence will definitely help the company achieve profitability.

The head of sales Lee Brown said that the Tumblr’s average advertising purchase currently stands just below six figures and the monetization will lead to higher profits. The New York-based Tumblr is a theme-based blogging site and hosts close to 100 million blogs. The themes could vary from deeply artistic ones to ones that are downright “odd”. Other Tumblr users can “heart” these blogs somewhat on the lines that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users “like” something.

Unconventional advertising

Even large multinationals like Coca-Cola used the versatile blogging site to run an entire cache of photographs that portrayed its “open happiness” theme and promoted the soft drink in a very subtle manner with the clever use of simple art. Today, Tumblr boasts of over 16 billion worldwide page views per month. Gottfrid said that the company is in no way moving into regular ad network mode and will instead have customers pay to give their ads a push. It will be possible to measure ad-impact by the number of viewers who “hearted” a particular post or republished it on their own blogs. This untraditional Tumblr advertising gimmick has seen takers like Adidas AG (PINK:ADDYY), Target Corp, Christian Dior SA (EPA:CDI) and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (USA).

Shares of Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) went up by 0.36% to close at $66.68

Shares of Adidas AG (PINK:ADDYY) went up by 1.37 % to close at $46.64

Shares of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (USA)(NYSE:LGF) went down by 0.27% to close at $22.08

Shares of Christian Dior SA (EPA:CDI) went up by 1.47% to close at $131.20

Shares of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) went down by 0.72% to close at $27.52

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